Lung Cancer "Caregiver" Plus Size Leggings (Black)


As the owner of Faith Hope Love Boutique and a Cancer "Survivor" I want to THANK caregivers everywhere for the time, care, patience & love that you bring to this very important role in a cancer warriors' fight. You see us at our most vulnerable and make us feel more human as we manage lung cancer.

The design is on the center right leg and highlights the word "Caregiver" with a Faith Hope Love Lung Cancer Ribbon on super soft, stretchy and comfortable hand-made leggings.

Leggings might just be the most comfortable piece of clothing ever invented, and these plus size leggings are the epitome of comfort, ease, and style. The soft fabric, wide elastic waistband, and flattering fit mean that these leggings are perfect for an evening walk, lounging on the couch, or everything in between. And the vibrant print that lasts a long time won't fade, so there are bound to become your favorite pair of leggings for a long time.

Size guide

  2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL
Waist (inches) 37 ¾-39 ⅜ 41 -42 ½ 44 ⅛-45 ⅝ 47 ¼-48 ⅞ 50 ⅜-52
Hips (inches) 48 -49 ⅝ 51 ⅛-52 ¾ 54 ⅜-55 ⅞ 57 ½-59 60 ⅝-62 ¼

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